Consent to the collection and processing of personal data
GDPR Consent for the purpose of collecting personal data for the service of transfers through ZAK Dubrovnik Transfers.

By giving your consent you are agreeing to collecting and further processing of your personal contact data which you have entered in form on a web site It refers only to data led in the web form, which, with your consent, can be used only for the purposes written in a text of a single consent on the web page. It refers to voluntary providing of data and you are not obligated to give your consent, respectively you are not obligated to enter your personal data in the web form or to agree that the already delivered data is used for the earlier described purpose.

Zak Dubrovnik Transfers will use your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation with applying appropriate technical and safety measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, abuse, disclosure, loss or destruction. Zak Dubrovnik Transfers is protecting the privacy of the user of our transfer services, it keeps confidentiality of your personal data and it provides access and disclosure of personal data only to those employees who are in need of data to be able to carry out their business activities, and to third party only in cases issued by law:

– For email communication we use Gmail system which is owned by the company Google LLC, located in the United States of America. The company Google LLC uses issued safety measures for protection of data synced with the safety demands by the European Union (Privacy Shield Certificate). Your personal data which you have entered in a contact form can be transferred to the mentioned system but only for the accomplishment of purpose processing personal data cited in the form on the web page

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